The starting questions and answers of the project.


We are asked to reflect on the questions 4, 5 and 6 from the SIP worksheet. Being on lockdown has given me a lot of time to think about the independent project and what direction I want to take it in. I knew that I wanted to focus on hands, because it’s one of my favourite things to draw. So I wanted to challenge myself with the subject of hands in mind and think of a question that could be explored. Since being on lockdown I decided to open my shop, where I would sell t-shirts and tote bags that I screen printed on myself. I have always wanted to start selling my work printed on clothing, so I wanted to challenge myself with this project and make it a reality. I’ve always wanted to create work that could be a part of the audience. Something that the viewer could cherish and use, looking back at my personal manifesto I created a piece that could be coloured in by the audience. It’s as if I give something, the viewer adds something and we have created something together. It’s the same with me creating merchandise, if someone buys a t-shirt with my print on it, the get to style it and make it their own.

How will the project communicate your critical / industrial intent or direction? 

I always try to create relatable art, I like when I feel a part of a piece of art and want to do the same with this project. I think that creating a piece of clothing or accessory that can speak for itself is very powerful. By choosing hands which are very expressive I can create work that audience can use to express their feelings, opinions, emotions. I will be creating something that I am proud of and would buy myself, which will keep me committed and interested in this project.

What is the problem you are aiming to solve or communicate? 

I am aiming to research how big the role is of hands in communication and history. By doing so I want to create a print that would speak for itself and for the audience. 

What do you hope to achieve by the end of this project? 

I am hoping to open my online store, and sell t-shirts, tote bags that I screen printed a design on.

After researching different career paths, I realised that I never want to limit myself. I think this course has helped me with that too, because we had projects where we had to create animations, 3D sculptures, etc. There is no limit as an illustrator. I am doing what I can to create a brand for myself and have my name out in the world. I have an Instagram page that is my main focus, Facebook page and other social media accounts to help me grow my following.

Write a 3 sentence introductory email: 

Dear/to whom it may concern,

I am an illustrator currently in my 2nd year of studies at London Collage of Communication. I have various skills like print making,  digital art making, jewellery making, the list goes on. I am passionate about creating relatable art and think I could be a good fit at Oatly. I am attaching my portfolio as well as my social media links and work that I’ve done previously. 


I am personally a big fan of tik tok, I think it’s a great platform for staring your skills and opinions. It’s also a great escape from the chaotic world we live in.  

What makes an ident not just another short video?

I think any video could become a tik tok, in my opinion if a video is edited and music is added to it, it can be a tik tok. It might not get any attention from the users but its still what it is.

my results from taking personality test

Below is how I began to plan my tik tok. I wanted to create something that I haven’t seen before.

I picked this workshop because I am a huge fan of Tik Tok, I think it’s a great way of building a platform for following for artists because the art community on that app is really supportive. For my TikTok I wanted to create something that I could post on my website or something that would invite audience to look at my website. I created a short ‘aesthetic’ video of me screen-printing on a t-shirt, and it blew up, I’ve got about 200k views on this at the moment and it gave me confidence to start up my own business, ever since I started the process of opening a shop and creating pieces to sell. Below is my video.

OUTSIDE IN: workshop

This workshop was really fun but so hard, trying to draw something white in black really made my brain work.

This is the original picture that I’ve used.

Above are the first 5 drawings, I’ve used coloured pencil, charcoal, watercolour, bullet point pen, and a marker.

This is what happened once I’ve reversed them, I was so surprised and happy with the outcome.

Above is what happened next when I drew the negatives. And below are the negatives of them.


What are my interests?

Knowing that this is an important decision to make I started off by writing down topics that are interesting to me. I wanted to make a connection between Hand Gestures and Human Interactions and Social Media. That is still yet to be developed and polished into a better idea.

After creating some mind maps I narrowed it down to hands, I wanted to create a question that I could always go back to, so that I don’t get lost in this project. The final question that I was happy with was ‘HOW DO HANDS PLAY A BIG ROLE IN COMMUNICATION AND HISTORY?’


Illustration above is done by Rosa Kusabbi. A lot of her work is about women that get objectified and ‘cat called’ by men, her simple and quick reaction is to show them the middle finger. I love her style and use of colours, she is a great animator as well.

image above can be found on

Above is an artist on Instagram their username is @groovycatgarms. I have actually found them on tik tok, after I posted mine she commented on my work. She creates simple designs and screen prints them on clothing herself. This was very inspiring to see, and has motivated me to so open my own shop and be proud of what I create.

I like the illustration above because how simple the design is, as well as combining the text and drawing. Images below is another simple illustration, but the meaning is clear and everyone can understand it.

The illustration above looks so interesting to me, unfortunately I could find no information about it. I found it when looking at Palmistry on wikipedia.

The video below is so satisfying to watch, I aspire to become this good at screen printing. Having an access to machine like this is a dream.

found on

I have been looking at a lot of charts on palmistry, the on above looks very clear and friendly. Some charts about palmistry look gloomy and mysterious.As well as the illustrations below which I found on a website that consisted of a beginners guide for palm reading.

found on
The same artist that created artwork for the website on palm reading has created this GIF. I really like this composition.

The illustration above is very simple, I like the contrast and I started looking into hugs as social interaction in which hands are important.

screenshot is from

Screenshot above is something which helped me with my final print. It made me realise how important hands are during hugging. Hugs are important social interactions that express affection. Hugs are associated with happiness, and there’s many benefits to them. In this article I have read about how and why hugs are so powerful. I was thinking how much I myself wish I could hug many people but am unable to do so due to COVID-19. Many people are unable to see their loved ones and hug them. My mother would always tell me that an average person needs few at least 10 second long hugs a day to not be depressed.

illustration found on

I began researching how hand gestures influence body language.

illustration found on

The illustration above is showing different gang signs, I haven’t thought about incorporating that subject in my project, but it’s actually very interesting and could be a good possibility to learn more on that.

Learning sign language could be hard but very helpful, I like the idea of doing so as well. I think it’s very interesting. The illustration above is the British sign language.

I am in love with this very simple illustration. The contrast is great, the meaning is very strong.

The photograph above is very interesting. I found it when I was looking at hand gestures on pinterest. Creating a candle related to my project could be very fun.


Aims/Context: Create a print that is an outcome of the research on how do hands play a big role in communication and history?


  • to create designs that could be then printed on clothing 
  • to explore print making techniques 
  • use research to support my final outcome
  • open a shop where the clothing with prints would be available to purchase 


Aims/Context: Create a print that is an outcome of the research on how do hands play a big role in communication and history?


  • to create designs that could be then printed on clothing 
  • to explore print making techniques 
  • use research to support my final outcome
  • open a shop where the clothing with prints would be available to purchase 


  • portfolio of experimentation 
  • blog posts documenting progress and research
  • finished print

Above is the brief that I have written for myself after I did the workshops and some research. I wanted to make it clear and straight to the point so that I don’t get lost or distracted in the process.

Illustrations above are first sketches. I felt very stuck. I wanted to create a design that I was 100% happy about and something that the audience could like and relate to.

Above is a very simple GIF I created, for no reason really. I was thinking that maybe I could use it on my shop or website.

Above you can see my progress of creating a test screen print. Before printing my final outcomes I wanted to practice. I also created another tik tok of the process. I was asked on the previous one I posted to make a tutorial, so I took this opportunity to make it. I made 10, tote bags and will be selling them as soon as I put up my shop. Below is the tik tok.


I’ve printed a limited amount of these that will be soon available on my shop ☺️🧚🏼‍♀️ #diy #brighterinside #screenprinting #tutorial #fyp #art

♬ Kouen – Lo-Fi Beats

I knew that I had to design a logo for myself so that I can be remembered and recognised by something. I have been enjoying drawing flowers with faces, and i had to design something that would fit in circle profile picture shapes. I tried different options, see below.

I saw that the flower would work best so I created this.

I included my Instagram user name, because this is a social media platform that I focus on the most. And that is also what I will be naming my store.

This sketch was the beginning of my final print. I decided that I want to include to people hugging, but after this I realised that I didn’t want to include human-like figures in my piece, just because everyones unique and it would be impossible to design something that everyone could relate to.

Based on some work that I made (none related to this project) I thought to create a flower character, I thought that since I already draw faces on them. Why not to do that. Below are sketches that I made that led to my final print.

Above are the sketches as well as the final print on the right.

I tried different fonts, and waves of the text. I went with the left one because I like the movement and flow it has and I think it brings the print together.



I am very happy with my final outcomes. The only thing I have left to do is opening up a store, I will be creating an Etsy store as it is a good place for selling handmade goods. My expectations for this project weren’t as good. I thought that because of the pandemic I would create something less advanced like an illustration or a painting, as these are the things I usually create. I have however put myself out there and decided to work out of my comfort zone. Screen printing is hard and when doing it at home its usually a 2 men job. I had to get creative when doing it myself. I definitely wish that the uni campus was open so I could do it in better conditions, and have help from professionals in the printing studio. I felt very nervous when doing it at home, I had to invest a lot of money into everything, purchasing t-shirts, inks, screens. Everything had to come out of my pocket, so I really hope that it’ll work out and that I will be able to make my money back from selling my work.It’s good practice and experience to have before graduating next year, and I am grateful that I am able to do this.I struggled when I was screen printing on the black shirt, it is much harder for the ink to show up (even with extra opaque ink), I had to go back and fill in some parts that didn’t print through by hand with a tiny paint brush, which took extra time and it made me very nervous. I learnt that the process of screen printing is time consuming but very worth it. I think that possessing print making skills are very important and will look great on my CV and portfolio. I am very excited to learn as much as I can and improve as much as I can. What I would do differently in the future and what I will be doing is purchasing more inks, and different coloured shirts and tote bags to make the clothing more interesting. Learning how I could screen print this print with multiple layers and colours would be very challenging but also something I really want to try, it will be a great practice.

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